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For international import/export your company needs to classify the potential, the pros and cons of your activity within your product line and the markets you intend penetrating. This also includes your activity, your mission/vision and goals your organization has.

If you as an individual or your company is ready to import/export, consider the following parameters and fundamentals:

  1. Topographical country location
  2. Capacity range of productions
  3. Technical knowledge among your specialist teams
  4. Top leader inducement for going forward with international activities
  5. Capital terms of foreign investment besides your financial resources
  6. Networking and commercial strength for connecting worldwide markets
  7. Potential of human resources in case of international connectivity

Individuals or companies should also bear in mind and focus on external affects which could ultimately affect cost-effectiveness:
  1. Limitations and barriers
  2. Logistics or transportation systems
  3. Consumer behaviour
  4. Worldwide consumption culture
  5. Domestic and international politics, economies and social trends

Many manufacturers and companies face multiple complexities and should consider the pitfalls their products & services present:
  1. Insufficiency of financial resources for international trading
  2. Insufficiency of KSA (knowledge/skill/ability) for international trading

If you are facing similar obstacles, with our team of specialized experts we can help you.
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